Trippy Traveller is all about original and entertaining content connected to travel and all things pertaining to what is trippy in life. Trippy strange, trippy funny, trippy druggie and trippy surreal. I want to make people see the world as it is – a big frightening mass of potential that has nothing to do with corporate sponsorship and guide books. I want people to question what they are doing and interact with the medium of culture instead of being slaves to advertising suggestion. Wake up and smell the shit and the roses. Don’t play with your phone, talk to the stranger next to you. Don’t tell me what you had for breakfast but tell me what thoughts you had about your life and the cow you’ve just eaten.

It is my contention that as we progress technologically, as we rely more and more on buying and booking through the net, as we follow the instructions of our navigation systems in our car as we spend too long trawling the appalling trivia spout of twitter and facebook we are losing our humanity. It is better to get stoned than to tell people on the blogosphere that you are about to have a bath. Trippy is becoming more real than the watered down sanitized techno waste of a life so many lead.

Make content, travel the world, hitch hike, get stoned, take magic mushrooms, use condoms and listen but reserve judgment. Be original in your thoughts not in your fashion. Stop placing so much weight on daft twentieth century gimmicks such as ‘career’ and ‘getting ahead’.

Anybody who uses the phrase ‘bottom line’ if he or she isn’t referring to death, is talking out their arse.

That’s what Trippy Traveller is about Mr. WordPress.


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